日本人アパレルデザイナー金澤文恵とベルギー人ジュエリーデザイナーValentijn Vanmeirhaegheによる日本の伝統美をベルギーの現代的なデザインと融合させたミックスカルチャースタイル。




Our brand adds some freshness and enjoyment to the same everyday life.

A brand through which you can experience the world of art.

Elegant wear for women with a global perspective, who are looking to make the daily routine a little special. It is a mixed culture style that fuses traditional Japanese beauty with contemporary Belgian design.  Fashion design by Japanese apparel designer Fumie Kanazawa, jewelry design by Belgian Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe.  The sharp cut-and-sew silhouttes aim to instill an uplifting feeling when worn, with strong and bold silver jewelry to complement the look.





FASHION DESIGNER   Fumie Kanazawa 

 金澤 文恵





帰国後Valentijn Vanmeirhaegheと共にVALENTIJN VANMEIRを東京でスタートする。

From her early childhood, influenced by her mother who organised dressmaking classes.

Worked as a nail artist and accessories designer.
Graduated from ESMOD JAPON Tokyo School of Fashion.

After graduation, worked as designer and director for various brands.
Launch of own brand in Belgium, participated in Paris exhibition. 


Launch of VALENTIJN VANMEIR in Tokyo after returning to her home country.



JEWELRY DESIGNER Valentijn Vanmeirhaeghe

 バレンタイン バンメールハーヘ




現在は東京藝術大学 工芸科 鋳金 文部科学省 国費研究生として博士課程に所属。​ 


第9回 佐野ルネッサンス鋳金展 第二部門 日本人以外で初の大賞受賞

第48回 伝統工芸 日本金工展 入選

日本の伝統技法とヨーロッパの技法を織り交ぜたアート作品を製作しながらVALENTIJN VANMEIRのジュエリーを手がけている。


After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts as a silversmith / jewelry designer, worked for 10 years in a bronze foundry as a metal colouring specialist.

Participated in international art fairs with contemporary jewelry.

Currently enrolled in the doctoral program of the Tokyo University of the Arts, crafts department, metal casting workshop on a government sponsered grant.

Was awarded Grand Prize in the 9th Sano Renaissance Metal Casting Exhibition.
Selected for the 48th Traditional Japanese Metalwork Exhibition.


While studying traditional Japanese metal casting and metal colouring techniques, designed and created jewelry for Valentijn Vanmeir.